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Fully Licensed

1Actual Plumbing & Heating Ltd. is fully licensed to offer a full range of Plumbing, Heating and Gasfitting Services.

Same Day Service

2Same day residential and commercial hot water tank installation. Furnace and boiler maintenance, repair and replacement.

Quality Components

3We offer quality American Standard furnaces, sewer drain cleaning, hydro jetting and video inspection.


4All of our components come with at least a 1 year warranty. Our service is fully accredited by the Better Business Bureaux.

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We offer the very latest modern heating components. All service and products are covered by our service warranty.

There are many home repair and handyman tasks you can take on yourself, but plumbing is not one of them. Your home is a major investment, and plumbing issues can cause major structural damage to your home. With that understood, be sure to turn to Actual Plumbing & Heating Ltd. each time you require a […]

When it’s time for your water heater to be replaced, ask for our Same Day Hot Water Tank Installation. At Actual Plumbing & heating Ltd., we know that when your hot water tank needs to be replaced, you need it replace it ASAP. Not next week, not Thursday possibly but TODAY! Feel free to call […]

At Actual Plumbing & heating Ltd. we understand the need for humidifiers in every household. We know what it is like to live through the winter, when the temperature outside falls, we all turn up the heat inside. Unfortunately, all of that warm and dry heat can cause the air in our homes to dry […]

Broken pipes can cause major structural, environmental, and property damage which can cause significant financial losses within thousands, even millions of dollars. It is very tempting for people to believe that they can fix the problem themselves with a DIY solution. Although there are many household items that can be effectively repaired via a DIY […]

A properly installed and maintained sump pump will solve basement flooding and leaking issues. As residential plumbing experts, Actual Plumbing & Heating Ltd. plumbers can inspect your property and install weeping tile around your home’s basement foundation that will catch ground water and runoff water from around and beneath your basement foundation and direct it […]

Garburators get rid of food waste easier. Instead of scraping your dishes into the garbage, you can simply flush it all down the drain, run the garbage disposal and it disappears – like magic !! Your garbage disposal has a motor attached to rotating blades which are located in a chamber below your sink that […]

This includes all types of residential and commercial drain cleaning, drain repairs and replacements, sewer cleaning and maintenance, pipe cleaning, both interior and lateral to sewer. As a valued customer you will notice an immediate difference in the performance of your plumbing system, if heavily clogged.

If you’ve got a leak, we can usually find and fix it. Our leak detection service locates underground leaks anywhere at your home or on your site. Using the very latest detection techniques such as gas injection and electronic leakage correlators, along with traditional and trusted methods such as surface sounding with listening sticks we can find […]

Frozen water pipes are a serious risk during very cold winter weather. Frozen water exerts pressure of thousands of pounds per square inch on a pipe and can easily burst it, causing flooding and major damage to your home. The water in pipes could potentially freeze when the temperature falls below 32 Fahrenheit/0 Celsius. When water […]

We are able to offer all the top name brands in toilets, faucets, sinks, showers and tubs on the market today including Kohler, American Standard, Crane, Toto and many more… and we can get them for you at discount prices. Feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to show you a […]

Actual Plumbing & Heating Ltd. offers a full range of commercial gas kitchen equipment, heating equipment, kitchen washing equipment and fixtures and fittings. We would be delighted to present you with the options and prices. Our service includes full installation, all required pipe installation using approved industry best practice. Actual Plumbing & Heating Ltd. is […]

Instead of spending considerable amounts of time and energy dealing with emergency plumbing situations and calling around trying to find a good supplier why not sign up for a service agreement with Actual Plumbing & Heating Ltd. Our service agreements offer peace of mind, great value and will actually save you money by avoid the […]

Imagine if every time you turned on a light switch, every electrical device in your home came on or if every time you went to wash your hands every faucet, shower, tub and toilet opened up. That would be crazy! So why is it that when you need heating in one room the entire house […]

Chemical Pots are designed for the purpose of feeding liquid chemicals such as corrosion inhibitors into closed systems. With Dosing capacities from 3.5 Litre to 25 Litre the range of sizes Actual Plumbing & Heating Ltd. can cater to small commercial to large industrial applications. Our expert team is fully qualified in how to install […]

Backflow prevention assembly units are used to protect potable water supplies from contamination or pollution due to backflow. In water supply systems, water is normally maintained at a significant pressure to enable water to flow from the tap, shower etc. When pressure fails or is reduced, as may happen if a water main bursts, pipes freeze or there is […]

Actual Plumbing & Heating Ltd. offers a variety of fireplaces and stoves from several quality manufacturers. We offer full installation and maintenance services. Gas Fireplaces are: Usually the most efficient choice Low maintenance Ideal for heating the home, especially during blackouts or winter weather A gas fireplace is a true investment into your home – […]

It’s so annoying when, with friends over, the BBQ propane tank runs out and someone has to head out on a mission to find one. With dedicated gas lines to supply your BBQ or patio heaters, you’ll never have that problem again and you will enjoy a completely different experience. If you already use a […]

All plumbing and all gas installations in new buildings and renovations require Plumbing and/or Gas Permits in Vancouver. Homeowners are not allowed to do work in Vancouver that involves natural gas, so permits for gas work must be applied for and the work done by a certified contractor. Actual Plumbing & Heating Ltd. is a […]

Gas leaks are a serious threat to your safety and health. First and foremost if you smell gas exit your home and call us immediately. Let us determine the best course of action for fixing a gas leak. Gas leak warning signs: Do you smell gas from time to time? Does your gas bill seem […]