Actual Plumbing & Heating Ltd. offers a variety of fireplaces and stoves from several quality manufacturers. We offer full installation and maintenance services. Gas Fireplaces are: Usually the most efficient choice Low maintenance Ideal for heating the home, especially during blackouts or winter weather A gas fireplace is a true investment into your home – […]

It’s so annoying when, with friends over, the BBQ propane tank runs out and someone has to head out on a mission to find one. With dedicated gas lines to supply your BBQ or patio heaters, you’ll never have that problem again and you will enjoy a completely different experience. If you already use a […]

All plumbing and all gas installations in new buildings and renovations require Plumbing and/or Gas Permits in Vancouver. Homeowners are not allowed to do work in Vancouver that involves natural gas, so permits for gas work must be applied for and the work done by a certified contractor. Actual Plumbing & Heating Ltd. is a […]

Gas leaks are a serious threat to your safety and health. First and foremost if you smell gas exit your home and call us immediately. Let us determine the best course of action for fixing a gas leak. Gas leak warning signs: Do you smell gas from time to time? Does your gas bill seem […]