Actual Plumbing & Heating Ltd. offers a variety of fireplaces and stoves from several quality manufacturers. We offer full installation and maintenance services.

Gas Fireplaces are:

  • Usually the most efficient choice
  • Low maintenance
  • Ideal for heating the home, especially during blackouts or winter weather

A gas fireplace is a true investment into your home – and can often increase the value of your home by double the initial cost of the fireplace! Gas fireplaces are often installed with a tube vent rather than a full chimney – meaning less upkeep and maintenance for you – and lighting your fireplace can be as easy as flicking a switch.

More than simply creating a warm, cozy environment in any room, gas fireplaces can also help reduce your heating bill during the winter when you combine them with other heating sources, like your furnace. While your family enjoys time together in front of the warm fire, the furnace can usually be turned down elsewhere to save heating the unused areas of your home.

In a storm or blackout, most natural gas fireplaces will operate without a power source – a great way to keep your family safe and warm!