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Radiant Floor Heating

We specialize in Radiant Heating and Snow-Melting systems. Radiant or In-floor heating is a system which is placed under your floors and it adjusts the temperature of your floors by using a remote. 

Sump Pump

No homeowner wants to deal with a wet basement. Whether flooding is caused by seepage through your foundation or a storm sewer back up, the damage to your home and property can be time consuming and costly to fix.


We can help you plan your custom home plumbing requirements. Involve us as early as possible to avoid any issues with budget or timing.

Water Softener

This helps keep your fixtures looking new, makes for nicer showers and is great to drink. If your water softener starts to break down you’ll notice spots left on your dishes and you will probably notice a difference in taste.


We are experts in building maintenance & contruction, insurance work, pipe locating, drain cameras (CCTV) and hydro-vac services (catch basin cleaning)

Drain Cleaning

We will quickly clear the drains without damaging your pipes, and leave your home as clean and tidy as if we had never been.

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